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Enerswit+12/24kV SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit

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  • Enerswit+® Series SF6 gas insulated ring network cabinet is a series of SF6 gas insulated ring network cabinet, which is introduced by Xiamen Huadian switchgear Co., Ltd. based on the product design concept of safety, reliability, economy and compactness, including the D circuit breaker scheme, C load switch scheme and t load switch fuse combination scheme of 12kV and 24kV voltage levels. It adopts the rotary compressor type load switch with invention patent, the ultra-low resistance vacuum arc extinguishing chamber and the primary live parts fully sealed in the stainless steel gas box filled with SF6 gas welded by the robot, which is free from the impact of external environment, has good reliability, safety, economy, flexibility, inherits the characteristics of compact structure and maintenance free.
    Enerswit+® series SF6 gas insulated ring network cabinets are widely used in urban distribution network, smart micro grid, commercial real estate, municipal engineering, light industry, residential areas and other fields, practicing economic concepts, and continuously creating value for customers.

  • Enerswit+ ® series load switch adopts patented rotary pneumatic arc-extinguishing technology.

    Enerswit+ ® series vacuum circuit breaker adopts a vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber with ultra-low resistance.

    Enerswit+ ® series stainless steel gas box is welded by advanced robot welding technology. 

    Enerswit+ ® series adheres to the concept of environmental protection, and more than 90% materials can be recycled.

    Enerswit+ ® series adopts modular design, featuring flexible expansion and diverse solutions.

    Enerswit+ ® series has optional visual observation window of isolated fracture, safe and reliable.

    Enerswit+ ® series is provided with a reliable five-prevention interlock to prevent misoperation.
  • Name



    Rated voltage

    kV  12 24

    Rated current

    A 630、1250 630

    Rated short-duration power-frequency withstand voltage(Phase to phase,phase to earthacross the open swiching device)

    kV 42/48 65/79

    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage(Phase to phase,phase to earth、 across the open swiching device)

    kV  75/85、95/110 125/145

    Rated short-time withstand current

    kA 20/4、25/4 20/4

    Rated peak withstand current

    kA 50、63 50

    Rated short-circuit breaking current

    kA 20、25

    Circuit breaker  mechanical endurance

    times 10000 10000

     Mechanical endurance


    Load switchgear 5000;

    Grounding switch  3000;

    Degree of protection


    Boundary dimensions W×L×H

    W×L×H(mm) 360×755×1525

    Annual leakage rate



    Partial discharge


Product:Enerswit+12/24kV SF6 Gas Insulated Ring Main Unit
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